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Meet the Strive Chiropractic Team in Fargo

Chiropractor Fargo, Dr. Jake Grinaker

Dr. Jake Grinaker

I met Dr. Dave at 8:30 a.m. and by 8:32 I knew I was set on this earth to be a chiropractor. I saw people being given hope for the first time. It opened my eyes to all that chiropractic can do.โ€

Massage therapist Fargo, Marcia Johnson

Marcia Johnson, LMT

As soon as I got off the table, I started feeling better โ€“ it was amazing! I thought that if I could do that for even just one person, it would be worth becoming a massage therapist.โ€

Strive Team photo

Strive Chiropractic Team in Fargo | (701) 893-4200