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Fargo Chiropractors
Boost Family Health

Discover Incredible Well-being at Strive Chiropractic

Chiropractors Dr. Jake Grinaker, and Dr. Chris Pischel create a personalized health plan that works just for you. Strive Chiropractic offers unique, comfortable care at two conveniently located offices in Fargo and Detroit Lakes. At Strive Chiropractic our doctors collaborate on every case, making sure that our collective expertise is used to your benefit.

Our Team Approach to Providing Customized Care

Often, people ask us if we can help them with their migraines, back issues, colicky baby, sciatica or their child’s ADD. The answer is simple:

Just get checked.

That’s it. It’s the only way to find out if we can help. We’ll sit down with you and listen to your concerns. Then we’ll take scans with advanced technology, called the INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station, and perform thorough testing to understand your condition. Our team of chiropractors analyzes the findings together, creating a customized plan made just for you.

Special Care for Mom and Baby

We see people of all ages, from newborns to adults, and our doctors have specialized training in pediatric chiropractic and pregnancy chiropractic care. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life, but not so much if she’s in pain. Our doctors ensure your body is in alignment to cope with the many changes ahead and can make labor and delivery easier.

After the baby is here, we’ll help you take care of them from birth all through their developing years, so they grow and thrive as they should without any delays. We even have special tables just for kids!

The Latest Technology With a Nurturing Touch

Our cutting-edge technology, combined with our unparalleled commitment and compassion, targets the cause of your concerns. We promise to provide you with our best chiropractic care in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere, with a team dedicated to exceeding even your highest expectations.

We know that trusting someone with your family’s health is a big deal. Give our chiropractors the chance to show you why so many of your friends and family have found their answers with us.

Working Together for Your Benefit

Don’t just live pain-free—live to your fullest potential and experience optimal wellness at Strive Chiropractic. Our unique, team-based approach may give you the boost you’ve been hoping for. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.