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Strive Chiropractic Reviews

Very Thorough

I was very impressed by my first couple visits. They were very thorough in their assessments and answered all my questions. After a long journey with my pain I am very hopeful they will help me get healthy and get back the quality of life I desire!

– Sarah M.

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with all of the information that was given to us, and extremely pleased to hear 3 doctors would be looking at the scans together. I’m hopeful this will help our son get to the root of the issues going on for him!

– Hudson R.

Very Impressed

Very impressed with my first experience with Strive and I am extremely hopeful that this will be the answer for getting rid of headaches/neck/shoulder pain.

– Kaylee B.

Changed My Life Forever!

Words CANNOT express how thankful I am for the exceptional care the doctors at Strive provide. From the moment I walk in the door till the moment I leave, I feel like family. Each time I visit, I am overwhelmed by the fact that they GENUINELY care about me and my well-being. I never feel rushed and they always take the time to listen to and address all my concerns. This became especially important to me during my pregnancy. The regular adjustments I received while pregnant helped me maintain a healthy and more comfortable pregnancy, and within weeks of my baby’s birth I brought her to Strive to GET CHECKED, too.

Once again, I was amazed by the care the doctors provided. They treated her like she was their own daughter, and no mom can ask for better than that! The strains that childbirth had put on her body were adjusted away and her fussiness and digestive issues diminished, too! I first started going to Strive based on a recommendation and simply put, that single recommendation has CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!

– Stephanie O.

Thanks For Listening & Understanding Me!

My appointment was amazing from beginning to end!! Thanks for listening to me & understanding me! Not once did you say it was in my head or anxiety – I appreciate that!!

– Lisa G.

Thank You So Much!

I can already tell I am going to enjoy coming here! You are all so warm, welcoming and helpful!

– Jess W.

Only Chiropractor Who’s Been Able to Help

I’ve had chronic lower back and sciatic pain for 13 years. I’ve tried many different chiropractors and treatments and nothing has helped me. I decided to give chiropractic ONE last try. I found Dr. Jake online, and what the website showed through his videos and testimonials made me want to come in and give it a chance. What I found right away was a very inviting atmosphere and caring doctor. From the moment I walked in, Dr. Jake was sincerely interested in helping me and getting to the bottom of my back pain. He took his time studying my case unlike other doctors who quickly diagnose and adjust. Since I’ve started treatment, I feel AWESOME!! It has been life changing for me. I’m able to work for ONCE pain free, workout at the gym pain free, clean my house pain free, and sleep pain free!!!! These were all things I couldn’t do before that made my life miserable. I feel better everyday which no one else has been able to do for me. Thank you!!!!!!

– Cassandra

Superior Experience to Anything I’ve Had Before

Shortly after Strive Chiropractic opened I was able to get in to see Dr. Jake Grinaker. The ambiance and comfort that I experienced immediately upon entering the clinic was a definite change from anything I’ve experienced when visiting my chiropractor. On top of this amazing first impression, Dr. Jake took the time to evaluate my individual chiropractic needs and made a point to discover problem areas and to discuss possible solutions. I’m very pleased with the level of care provided at Strive Chiropractic and look forward to maintaining my chiropractic care through Dr. Jake.

– Christopher Mohs, President of FrostFire Media.

Help for Migraines

I just wanted to thank you for helping take away something that has been literally on my mind for years. I have dealt with migraines since I was 17 and now, twenty years later I have seen progress, serious progress. I know that my lifestyle has created a monster of trouble for me, but as a mom of two busy boys, farmer’s wife, special education teacher and Master’s student I know that is the way it’s going to be. Your educational programming during your treatments has been valuable and follow up care has been outstanding. I have seen significant improvement following your treatments, specifically following the third and fourth treatment. Thank you for your passion, its obvious this is what God has chosen for you.

– Sarah B.


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