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Help Your Child to Focus Better

young brother and sister smiling Does your child have a tough time concentrating in school? Do they have emotional or behavioral challenges? Lashing out or an inability to focus can indicate a tremendous amount of stress on your child’s nervous system. At Strive Chiropractic, our focus is on improving the overall function of the nervous system by addressing the spine.

The Brain and Body Connection

Your nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord. Off of the spinal cord are networks of nerves, which is how our brain communicates with our body. Every organ, cell and tissue you have operates thanks to the instructions it receives from the brain and out through your nerves. When there is a form of stress present, the brain and body can’t communicate like they should.

Often, the brain of a child with sensory issues isn’t receiving information like it should. The brain tells the body that it wants more information, which is why you might find your child touching certain materials or avoiding others. They might hate tags on their t-shirts or refuse to wear socks. It’s not for no reason—their brain is looking for information, and the child is becoming overwhelmed.

How Chiropractic May Help

Our chiropractors address the noise and interference in the nervous system. In doing so, the brain and body can communicate like they should. You may find that the symptoms your child is experiencing decrease as their body’s ability to regulate increases. They might have a greater ability to calm themselves, or you can notice fewer outbursts.

It’s important to keep in mind that adults, too, can suffer from these issues. Get your family checked at Strive Chiropractic. Call us today!

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