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Getting Rid of the Blues

Stressed woman holding face in her handsDuring certain times of life, we’re under more stress than others. From a teen’s hefty academic workload to an adult’s job-related concerns, it’s no wonder that anxiety and depression are so prevalent in today’s society.

Incredibly, much of the feelings we experience as adults can stem from the birth process, which is the first physical stress a baby encounters. Even a natural birth means your baby moving through the small space of the birth canal. Their head and shoulders may be tugged on, causing problems that can show up in various ways.

Physical, Chemical and Emotional Stressors

These forms of stress play into our neurology and how well our nervous system functions.

Childhoods slips and falls or adults sitting at a desk or job are all additional forms of stress that can affect our nervous system throughout life.

Most people associate chiropractic with physical stress and addressing pain. It’s important to know, however, that we also talk about the two other forms of stress: emotional and chemical. A busy expecting mom might have a hectic home and work life, and she passes her emotional stress onto her baby. Chemical stress can be incurred due to eating unhealthy foods, being exposed to pollution or using cleaners in the home that are toxic.

Can We Help You?

You and all of your family members are exposed to seemingly countless forms of stress during the course of a day. Have you considered what you can do to make sure that your loved ones stay well? We may be able to help you manage your stress. Contact Strive Chiropractic today!

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