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Digestive-Related Troubles? We Can Help.

Little girl eating watermelonAdults, teens and kids: when it comes to digestive-related troubles, all ages can suffer from these conditions. At Strive Chiropractic, we often see parents and children alike who are frustrated and don’t know where to turn for their issues. We’re pleased to share that chiropractic can offer you a solution!

The Relation Between Your Nerves and Digestive System

Every function in the body is controlled by your nerves. The messages are sent from your brain, down your spinal cord and out through the nerves that branch off from your spinal cord. The nerves lead to every part of your body, making them an effective messaging system. Your digestive system is no exception. If the nerves that go to your digestive system aren’t working like they should, you can experience a dysfunction.

An interference in the nervous system can mean constipation, bed-wetting, acid reflux and more. Though you may look at your diet or take supplements in an attempt to make a difference, it doesn’t address the underlying issue: a nervous system that isn’t functioning optimally.

Using State-of-the-Art Technology to Benefit You

As chiropractors, we seek to find the cause of your problem to make the proper correction. In doing so, we can address your nervous system interference so that your body can work like it should. We’ll use the cutting-edge INSIGHT™ Subluxation Station to take advanced scans that demonstrate your nervous system function. With these, we can get a clear view of where you need help and how best to go about correcting the source of your issues.

Find out more about what we can do for you or your child. Contact Strive Chiropractic today!

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