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Chiropractic for Colic, Ear Infections and Sleep Issues

Baby smilingAre you losing out on getting rest because your baby is fussy? Have they been diagnosed with colic or an ear infection and aren’t able to get the sleep they need? When your child has a health issue, it affects the well-being of your entire family. Your baby might have acid reflux, trouble feeding or latching, favor one breast or have digestion problems.

In toddlers, ear infections are common. The traditional medical route uses surgery or antibiotics for ear infections. For the other conditions, there usually isn’t any solution offered at all.

Fortunately, there is good news for tired parents. Chiropractic may be the solution to effectively address all of these concerns.

It All Stems From the Nervous System

Your baby is exposed to trauma from the moment they enter the world. The birthing process can create interference in their neurological system. Because of this interference, their brain and body can’t communicate as they should. They can’t function optimally and efficiently, and then common health conditions arise.

Measuring Your Child’s Neurological Function

In our practice, we use the INSIGHT™ Subluxation station. This advanced form of technology measures neurological function and how your child’s nervous system is working as a whole. We simply identify where the stress and nerve inferences are occurring. Then, we can come up with a game plan to correct these areas. When corrected, your body can take over to heal and regulate all on its own.

Please note that chiropractic doesn’t treat a symptom. It simply allows your natural healing ability to take over.

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