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Welcome to Strive Athletes!

Is your athlete breaking down physically, biomechanically, nutritionally or failing to bust through a plateau in training?

We have seen through our work with professional and college athletes, as well as in our work as the team chiropractors for the Fargo Force, that these athletes have an amazing support structure of expertise surrounding them. They have their chiropractic care, nutritional foundation/supplementation, body work, training, and performance completely dialed.

BUT, what about your teen (or pre-teen) athlete? The expectations, competition, and level of play for athletes at all levels is higher now than ever, but they aren’t receiving the same level of expert support that comes with such elevated expectations.

Until now.

We have taken everything we do for our highest level athletes and packaged it all into our Strive Peak Performance Assessment so your athlete can benefit too! Our Peak Performance Assessment includes full chiropractic evaluation with one of our doctors, Insight Nerve Scans, X-Rays (if needed), nutritional assessment, mobility and strength guidance, and a full report of findings, all for JUST $97!

To get scheduled, simply fill out the form on this page with your contact info and a preferred appointment time. From there, one of our amazing team members will reach out ASAP to find a time that works best! We look forward to meeting your athlete and getting them back to Peak Performance!

Strive Athletes | (701) 893-4200